Condenser coils are designed for the high pressure and temperature associated with refrigeration condensing. To ensure product durability under thermal expansion and vibration, the coils are designed with stronger brazed joints.

Various fin and tube combinations provide design flexibility. Wider fin spacing is also available to minimize dirt and dust build-up. Optional corrosion-resistant materials and protective coatings help increase the service life of the coil.

Whether it is condensing or heat reclaim application, our coils can be engineered to work with any refrigerant. The condenser coils are certified by CSA & UL.

The proven floating condenser coil concept prevents the refrigerant carrying tubes from coming into contact with the tube sheets.

The tubes in the refrigerant circuit are expanded into the fins, but “float” through oversized holes in the tube sheets.

This feature allows for thermal expansion and contraction of the tubes without the risk of tube damage at the tube sheets, thereby reducing the chances of refrigerant leaks.


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